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Our pricing is scaled to the size of your garden.

2400 - 1900 plugs per acre, depending on spacing

                                            MINIMUM ORDER 1 ACRE
1 acre- $7.50 per plug                  Planting option-$1.50 per plug

2-5 acres  $5.50 per plug             Planting option-$1.25
6-10 acres $5.40 per plug            Planting option-$1.25
11-20 acres $5.30 per plug          Planting option-$.75 per plug
20+ acres $5.00 per plug             Planting option-$.60 per plug
1/3 deposit at time of ordering and cuttings being taken from Mother plants
Reminder due in 3 weeks from deposit. Plants delivered 2-5 days later, or we can Harden them off for you as well, and deliver them ready to plant outside.
Cuttings and orders will being in March, and pre-orders will be taken as early as late February for larger farms. It is not recommended to wait till mid season to order.

We offer bulk orders of CBD Hemp clones, providing you with a uniform feminized crop of Medical grade CBD Hemp.

We also own and operate a small fleet of tractors and planting machines, making it easy for us to come plant your hemp fields for you in spring of 2018! This past year, 2017, saw us planting multiple fields at the same time, in three separate counties!

We now also offer FULL THC removal from your whole plant extract. We own and operate our own, state certified closed loop extraction machines, and a full distillation facility, where we have developed new methodology to scour out THC from our oils, without damaging the remaining plant and terpene profiles.

Our Services and pricing in bulk