This breeder, in turn, provided myself, and many other growers, farmers, and other plant sellers with what has turned out to be a totally BOGUS variety. This came about when one of our 2018 planting clients had met with a person that has been a close associate of ours for previous years while on a flight from Oregon to Colorado for a large Hemp exposition. They ended up seated beside each other on the flight, and quickly realized that they both were closely familiar with me, and decided to make the choice for us to plant the variety that they discussed on this flight.

With this decision, made without me even being present, by one of our planting clients, for us to plant this variety, I assessed the provided Certificate of Analysis for this variety C4. It is displayed here below, as I received it. Often in this industry, to prevent circumvention of brokers, information is redacted. I will include in this update, the information regarding where transfers were made and to whom for the acquisition of this variety. We were assured that the variety would come in the form on Feminized Seed, at a ratio of 2,000 to 1 female to male. This Feminized seed was to be propagated at NW Greenhouses systems in Molalla, Oregon, and subsequently screened by what was described a drone mounted light spectrum analayzing  cameras and software that is capable of detecting males, even in vegetative, or just sprouted conditions. This never came to be, and may have been a false claim made by the vendor that introduced our planting services to this variety. They were supposed to be segregated as confirmed female plugs by use of the camera mounted drone, flown at the greenhouse facility contracted by the vendor who was going to propagate the variety. This system was described in detail that it would have been able to detect males, and they were to be removed BEFORE plants were delivered to our client's fields for planting. 

We found that this was not the case.

We will continue to work with our clients, and the vendor to have the provider of these genetics held accountable. He is Tyler Schnell. The individual in the third image photographed next to the Hemp plant is NOT Tyler Schnell of Loveland Colorado.

He is named Troy, but I do not know his last name. He, as I understand, was working alongside Tyler to release this variety C-4 into the interstate distribution for farming of High CBD Hemp, with expected testing results of 17-20%, as shown in the provided COA. Instead what it produced was a plant that was very low CBD, and up to 40-50% males, depending on the field.  Our own planting of this variety showed to be consistent with the conservative end of this as well.

In 2015, Cloneoregon began cultivating CBD rich varieties, and have over the past few years, been able to share hundreds of thousands of our CBD Hemp plugs (clones) to Dept of Ag farmers in Oregon, Washington, North Carolina, Kentucky, and California, with great connections made along the way.

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Veteran marijuana growers in Oregon started Clone Oregon Cannabis Nursery in 2012 after spending nearly 30 years working underground. Since the launch of OMMP and WMMP medical marijuana laws in Oregon and Washington, Clone Oregon Cannabis Nursery has been providing clean clones and teen plants to growers with no complaints. We are totally organic in our soils and liquid nutrients, and never use chemical pesticides.

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