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Our CBD Strains are focused on the most stable one in Oregon, that also yields 12-14%, and some newer varieties that yield 15% - 20% CBD in flower harvested outdoors. We have three separate phenotypes of OTTO II which is a healthy plant with very good mold and wind resistance, and yields a heavy, dense flower that is structured much like the best Cannabis strains. Expect 2 lbs per plant or more outdoors. In April 2018, we will also offer 5 other extremely potent varieties, including Cherry Wine, Charlottes Web R4, and a few others that we are testing, so reserve your spot in our production list.


Producer of Bare root Clones and organic soil plants and cuttings

Cloneoregon produces CBD Hemp plant plugs (clones) which are ready for growing medical grade CBD Hemp in Oregon, which is a Department of Agriculture permitted crop, and not a controlled substance. The Medical grade CBD plants and plugs that are produced in Cloneoregon greenhouses are completely organically fed and treated, to ensure mite free and mold free clean plugs for your hundred acre hemp fields, or 2 acre garden. Cloneoregon will provide your cutting to you in  plug form in trays of 50-up to 50,000 trays per month. Our planting services are also offered to anyone buying our plugs. SEE THE VIDEO OF US DOING A ROW AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE

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